Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The New Catholic Church

When not bringing back the Latin Mass, the Vatican this week decided to further its campaign of ecumenical toleration and love by declaring Protestants with “wounding” the Christian faith by not recognizing the authority of the Pope. Moreover, these wounding denominations practice a religion that is not a proper church. As extreme as this may sound to the tolerantly-trained mind, look at it this way; at least Pope Benedict did not commit the insensitive act of declaring Protestants of being in league with the devil, or call us (as a Catholic) to arms to go retake the Holy Land from the “infidel” Jews and Muslims--yet. It almost makes you forget that this same man is a close friend of Bernard Law (and previously relativized the reporting on the pedophile priest scandals in the US as anti-Catholic prejudice). Well, my dear Protestants, here is your last chance to repent and avoid the weenie roast.

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