Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Senator Vitter Rap

When I first started teaching many moons ago, I was assigned to teach introductory to American government courses. It was a tough time during my early grad school years. I had left law school to come back and pursue my PhD in political science (already wounded from my experience as a thief in training for two years in law school). Already brooding over the loss of my youthful idealism, my studies of American politics, going back to my undergrad years, had the effect of turning me into a full blown cynic (you know you are in trouble when you re-read Nietzsche and start to comprehend and agree with him). I had to always bite my tongue in class, because I did not want my students to end up like me. If anything, I encouraged them to "get involved" and to live the illusion of participatory democracy (leaving out the word illusion when telling them), all the while knowing I was merely planting the seeds of future discontent (although at least it would be through their own experience, instead of their prof preaching it to them).

I became so disenchanted with the process in the first year of my master's program, I fell back to concentrating my studies in international relations. As a discipline, political science is really divided in two sections--between those of us who concentrate in international/comparative politics and the other peons that enjoy domestic politics. Sure, I suppose at the international level, we can always joke about the Dear Leader's DVD collection and ostrich farm, but if you want to really see where the crime and hypocrisy is at, you need to look no further than the US Congress.

Of course, we all know of the travails of the troubled Senator from Louisiana and the recent revelations of his dalliances with members of the adult entertainment community. What is so amusing about this, other than the fact the Senator has previously criticized then-President Clinton for his extramarital affairs, is that his lovely wife promised several years ago that if her husband ever committed adultery she would sever his manhood like Lorena Bobbitt. To date, it appears as though she has not followed through on the promise.

As it is, some geniuses from YouTube have constructed a nice little David Vitter rap, chronicling the Senator's past affairs, while preaching the virtues of Godliness and the sanctity of heterosexual monogamy to the rest of us. Without further ado:

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