Friday, July 13, 2007

The Soul of Washington DC

Senator David Vitter, a first term Senator from the great state of Louisiana, has a secret. He is actually dumb enough to use his own phone number when renting the services of members of the adult entertainment community. The poor man probably did not want to end up like Congressman Calvert, who was nabbed after being caught in the act with a working lady in his automobile.

What makes this case all the more galling is that Senator Vitter has previously compared allowing gay marriage to Hurricane Katrina. As long as it is heterosexual prostitution, while married, of course, that is just a sin, all in the past, naturally, for which we must forgive the lapsed one. As ex-Governor Edwin Edwards (also of Louisiana) once said, "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy."

What I am wondering about is just how many more members of Congress are implicated in this prostitution ring? If you recall sometime back, ex-Representative Duke Cunningham (and current resident of a federal penitentiary in Tuscon, Arizona) was busted taking in the entertainment offerings of some prostitutes from contractors. It has also been previously alleged that certain lobbyists use(d) working ladies in DC as a currency of exchange to influence members of Congress.

Say what you will about my government cataloging every one of my phone calls for the last five and half years, but where else could you get people in a position of leadership to tell me that I must live by their claimed values, while they violate them with impunity in their own lives? It is a sad state of affairs, although in my home state of Ohio (where the land is plentiful and factories empty), the state legislature recently acted to ban strip clubs from operating after midnight. Initially, I tallied this up as payback by the same people who believe I will be thrown into the hellfire after the rapture (although as a Catholic, after this last week, I guess I am exempted from all criticism from Evangelical heretics who refuse to accept the authority of the Pope). Now, I am starting to realize this bill may actually have been the Assembly's way of protecting the dancers from our elected leaders in the late night hours. An ingenious bunch, our Ohio General Assembly.


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TA said...

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