Monday, February 4, 2008

Anonymous and Publishing

This is my seventh month of writing this blog. I am still not sure what I am getting from this, or even if I should write what I do. Moreover, I have remained anonymous because I work at a state university, am non-tenured, and most importantly do not wish to end up like Ward Churchill.

At this point, I still am not sure what I am doing, other than trying to illuminate on some issues of the day. I do not post too much about my personal life because, well, it is personal and I like to keep it that way. Not only that, as an academic, I live a rather humdrum and boring life, which is the way I prefer to keep it. If you are looking for my newest posts about Britney or how I am personally impacted by the death of some actor, you will not find it here.

Another problem that I am having is that I am running out of time to write this blog. To reveal a part of my life, I am in the process of publishing, and it is not easy to publish articles and a book, while writing a political (and sometimes personal interest) blog that requires some introspection.

Still, I feel a responsibility to put my views out there. Not in the chance that anyone will care, although that would be nice. It is because even though I do not have the budget of Fox News or CNN, or the press release offices of the Pentagon, I am certain of this much: after tomorrow night, John McCain will be the big winner on Super Tuesday, and the Democratic race will become a genuine competition between a illiberal DLC moderate and an unknown quantity who keeps speaking in platitudes about change. That is not exactly something to look forward to.

I keep looking at the third parties right now, although I have made no choice as to whom (if anyone) to support. As aforementioned, Ralph Nader is considering a run. He will run, I am sure, much to the disdain of all those liberals who think someone with the last name of Clinton will treat them as anything other than a useful idiot handing them the noose of their appreciation for a neck-breaking disposal at the most opportune moment of showing your "Presidential" credentials by bombing a bunch of Muslims or cutting some less fortunate denizen off at the knees (or as it is called in Washington, "reform").

To give some equal time, after covering Nader, here is the Socialist Party USA candidate for 2008 (or nominee at this time, I suppose), Brian Moore. He is a longtime activist and Peace Corps volunteer, as well as an organizer of the poor and disenfranchised. He is an interesting fellow, and admittedly I had not heard of him before looking up to see who the Socialist Party was nominating this time around (I recall when they nominated ex-judge Walt Brown back in 2004). Could you imagine what a candidate like this could do with equal time?

By the way, here is Brian Moore debating a right-winger from the Constitution Party on The Bleeping Truth. Yes, it is third-fourth-fifth tier, but you have to start somewhere. It is not like the big boys were even giving Kucinich the time of day. Without further ado:

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