Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clinton's Assassins

While Senator Clinton's remarks may spark outrage and anger against her and her candidacy, her sentiments should come as no surprise. Indeed, here is exactly what Senator Clinton said to a reporter in South Dakota.

"My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it,"

At this point, she knows there is no way her candidacy has any realistic chance of receiving the nomination. She is almost 200 delegates behind Senator Obama. While she doth protest, now, the context is perfectly clear. She is referencing a scenario in which someone will assassinate the party's front runner.

Politicians typically do not delve into hypothetical assassinations. It is for obvious reasons. This country has a long history of killing its political leaders, and sadly most of them are progressive (Lincoln, the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr.). Can anyone remember the last time a right-wing politician was killed in this country? Maybe Congressman McDonald, and even then we had to depend on the Russians to mercifully depart that John Bircher.

None of this means that Hillary will get her wish (at least we hope not). It is an oblique inference of openly-expressed concerns by many in the African American community. It is yet one more notch to try to de-legitimize Obama's candidacy, harnessing his defeat in November, and giving Clinton a chance for the White House in 2012 (and this is the only way she is going to be elected President). She knows this. She knew as far back as Super Tuesday, at the earliest, when she did not swamp and knock out the Obama candidacy, that it was over. To enunciate the point, she lost ten straight primaries after Super Tuesday, sealing her loss of the nomination and her adoption of Mark Penn's scorched earth, racialist campaign tactics.

Those are harsh statements to make, but imagine Barack Obama declaring himself the black people's candidate, in the same way Senator Clinton proclaimed herself the guarantor of white votes before the West Virginia primary. He would be denounced as a dangerous black radical, readying to use the Presidency to punish whites for centuries of racism. Hillary knew she could play the race card, because if Senator Obama denounced her it would reify her campaign's previous statements about him being a black-only candidate. Moreover, it would divide the Democratic electorate, particularly with Hillary supporters, possibly pushing them towards McCain in November.

Senator Clinton was also well aware when she gave her minions the go ahead to race bait Senator Obama (such as BET founder Bob Johnson's comments about how the Senator from Illinois is an affirmative action case and drug addict, or ex-campaign finance director Geraldine Ferraro's remarks about how Obama would have received no attention if he were white) that these racist indignities would be forced upon him in a way that re-whitened Hillary's base. Any contemporary Presidential candidate in the Democratic Party whose base is white voters has already lost. The last Democratic Presidential candidate to receive a majority of the white vote was in 1964 (before white Southerners, opposed to the party's liberal shift on issues like civil rights, switched over en masse to the Republican party). She is well aware of this. The design is to whiten the opposition to Obama after the primaries, for the general election. In short, she has been doing the bidding of the Republican Party for at least the last two months.

Enter the assassination comments. This was no slip of the tongue, as nothing ever is for this ex-Goldwater Republican. She had made similar comments over the past several weeks, without mentioning the word assassination. She waited until now for a couple of reasons. One, knowing that the comments would dynamite her campaign, she waited until her campaign was almost vanquished and had absolutely no chance at the nomination. Two, by throwing out a scenario that many in the black community have talked about, but the so-called "mainstream" white media has mostly ignored, makes it a debatable issue and yet one more reason in the minds of doubtful whites not to vote for Senator Obama after he receives the nomination (other than just honestly admitting that they will not vote for a candidate on account of his race).

Of course, Senator Clinton/Mark Penn Operation Scorched Earth has already tried to make it acceptable not to vote for him because he is black, but the civil rights movement has permanently sidelined such overt references. Thus, the emailing of a picture of Senator Obama in traditional, Arab-looking African garb to the Drudge Report, so to make him appear Muslim (reaffirming the false email spams of whites who have tried to spread this rumor since at least this last autumn). Then cart out the token black supporter of your campaign, a billionaire with about as much concern for the community he has not lived within a mile radius of in decades, exclaiming that Obama is a coke fiend and product of affirmative action in politics. Then bring out the first female Vice Presidential nominee of a major party, proclaiming Obama to be a beneficiary of his race, further driving a wedge between white feminists and folks within the African American community. When none of this works, when all else fails, bring out the assassination reference. And make no mistake. Senator Clinton's intention behind the remark is painstakingly and purposely clear--Obama is black. Surely, someone will want to kill him.

Such has been the long march and ideological ploys of Hillary Clinton. Once she realized that she could not get what she wanted as a Republican, she feigned being a martyr for feminism. Once it was clear that the left within the Democratic Party was dead with the Silent Majority backlash against the '60s, she morphed into a "moderate" and "new Democrat" (aka, Republican in sheep cloth), personally lobbying for the passage of anti-poor and anti-worker legislation like NAFTA and the Welfare Reform Act. Now, in the 11th hour of what she thought would be her coronation, after realizing she cannot even get the people within her own adopted party to nominate her candidacy, she has given us the most openly racist campaign of any Democratic candidate for national office since George Wallace.

Meanwhile, the trillion dollar-plus, hundreds of thousands dead campaign for virtue and democracy in the Middle East, which the Senator from New York voted for and supported until she decided to announce her candidacy for the White House, rages on.

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