Sunday, July 13, 2008

Run, Cynthia, Run....

....with the two party candidates seemingly joined at the hip these days, it is useful for people to look at alternatives. Many depressed leftovers from the lost battles of the 1960s think it swell to move out to getaway farms, buy guns, and preach the working class virtues of the Libertarian Party.

There are those of us, however, who are tired of being told that there is no difference between the two parties by so-called progressives whose concept of bipartisanship is living on their knees in service of "partners" who want to outlaw labor unions. There are still some progressives that understand and believe in the permanence of that most evil of all five letter words, class (the one thing Ron Paul and Bob Barr would just as soon cut their own wrists than mention). Progressives who want an alternative in a candidate who actually thinks like us, for a change.

Ex-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney just received the Green Party's nomination for the Presidency. I do not pretend to be a Green politically (coming from a family of industrial workers who benefited from industries some deep ecologists would prefer to banish), but every once in a while they do float up an interesting candidate. Cynthia McKinney is at the very least an interesting candidate. And unlike the DLC types, she is a real progressive, on war, unions, health care, on everything.

Yes, she slapped a DC cop. Yes, she seemed overly friendly to the House of Saud after 9/11. No candidate is perfect. In any case her imperfections do not include equating a well regulated state militia with owning surface-to-air missiles or allowing the federal government to snoop on your every move without any legal oversight. If the worst thing you have ever done in your life is to slap a cop (not entirely unsympathetic for those who have encountered the hooliganism of many a member of local law enforcement in this country), that person is hardly condemnable. At least she does not have to explain how she "accidentally" put fifty bullet holes into Sean Bell.

And by good on the issues, there is no equivocation with Cynthia. While in Congress, she was one of only three members of the US House to vote in favor of an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq (the other two being Congressmen Jose Serrano and Robert Wexler [note to right-wing leftist supporters of Ron Paul, your most favored libertarian was not one of them]). And long before Dennis Kucinich, Congresswoman McKinney submitted articles of impeachment of George Bush, back in 2006. And you will not have to guess about her views on free trade or immigration. Is it so hard to see why Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer encouraged Hank Johnson to run against her (a campaign he won in no small part because of the support from the Democratic leadership)? It is at times like this that Congressman Kucinich must feel particularly lonely.

As it is, here is Cynthia McKinney's Presidential campaign site. Of course, I know that she has no chance, but at least I will not have to endure her telling me that I should accept having an FBI file. Here is also the campaign site of Cynthia McKinney's running mate, activist Rosa Clemente.

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