Monday, August 4, 2008

Novak and Offshore Drilling

I have always been a firm believer that we should not take joy in the misery of others. It is unbecoming of us as human beings. Of course, this surmises that we should see everyone as worthy of our sympathies, which is different from dancing on their graves. Robert Novak has lived by most accounts the life only a commissar could love. A longtime political hack of the right, going back to the 1950s, Novak has been writing columns denouncing liberalism (even though he was a nominal Democrat until the '60s), teaming with Rowland Evans to form the conservative newsletter Evans & Novak (which ex-Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill always referred to as "errors and no facts"), and violating federal law by revealing the name of a covert intelligence agent (ironic considering that these laws were passed to target anti-war ex-intelligence officers who revealed the identities of Soviet bloc assets they worked with during the Cold War). For these crimes, even though others suffered and went to jail for his free speech rights, Robert Novak remained unrepentant and unpunished.

If all of Novak's calumnies were restricted to these, his life would be of little consequence. After all, how many other journalists have lived controversial lives, even dodging prison time for their efforts? Hemingway, Jack Anderson, Drew Pearson, et al. Novak is hardly alone and not in the same literary stratosphere as his predecessors.

No, the poetry is how his last days will be spent. Soon after running over an 86 year old homeless pedestrian in his black Corvette, Robert "admitted himself" into Brigham and Women's Hospital, where he was soon diagnosed with a brain tumor. If one believes Novak, his situation is "dire," to which he retired from his column (and this after promising that his lone desire was to remain a columnist until he died). Sad days, indeed, Rob. The Plame and Wilson family wishes you the best, to be sure.

Oh, yes, Senator Obama, part and parcel of his white right suck-up since vanquishing Hillary, sold out on offshore drilling. Here is Andrew Leonard making excuses for why we should love it when Democratic candidates act and talk like Republicans. Of course, the Leonards and Al Froms of the world see nothing wrong when Republicans act like Republicans. That is principle, worth imitation, even. But when our folks sell their souls, well, we are supposed to stop complaining. Thus it is the Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen. From the New Deal to the Welfare Reform Act, it has been a long descent.

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