Saturday, September 13, 2008

4,155 Reasons Not To Elect Bush's Choice

As of today, US deaths in the Iraq War are 4,155. Those are 4,155 soldiers who died because their civilian elected leaders told them Saddam Hussein had WMDs, to which we have yet to find (not even a canister). We know now those same leaders coerced our intelligence agencies to increase the probabilities of the existence of those weapons in their reports. Those are 4,155 soldiers who died to "liberate" an Iraqi population who pay tribute to that liberation by fighting us and themselves, while electing a kleptocratic government that is still on the payroll of the American taxpayer--a government whereby 65% of its parliament's MPs support the implementation of Sharia Law (that ecclesiastical bastion of democratic values).

The twin killing is the number of Iraqis who have been killed. This is a number our dear civilian employees at the Pentagon do not want to reveal, for obvious reasons. To date, the estimates are anywhere between 87,000 (from Iraq Body Count [which counts the deaths individually from news reports]) to over 250,000 (and according to at least one Lancet study over 600,000). Most estimates have it closer to 250,000. In other words, conservatively speaking over 200,000 Iraqis have been killed in this war to free Iraq of something it did not possess and give it something it still does not and likely will not have in the coming future. A failure by any other but name.

And remember, dear citizens, this is what John McCain calls success.

Sarah Palin even thinks this is what God willed for us.

Just thought I would remind you before you used your racism to scare yourself into thinking the black candidate was going to bring socialism to America.

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