Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rick Warren: Go to Hell

I really do not feel like posting too much more about Rick Warren. He embodies all that is evil in organized religion, especially the manner in which he, not unlike so many Christians, uses the Bible to justify positions that can only be described as intolerant and hateful. Because of people like him, gays and lesbians are being legally punished and targeted by the state of California, but I am supposed to be on my knees, compromising with a man who sees so many of my friends as defects and inferiors for being who they are.

I will re-post what I stated elsewhere about the man and his so-called movement, which will be defiling the presence of such worthy people like Joseph Lowery on Inauguration Day.

Rick Warren does not rank to be on the same podium with Lowery. He is a right-wing misogynist and gay-bashing bigot. The only reason he sucks up to Obama is to make more money for his tax exempt cult/mega church by snookering in those remaining non-Republicans into thinking he is one of them for recognizing that there is climate change. Why not invite Bernard Law or David Duke? I'm so sick and tired of this DLC-me tooism. Put Warren on a space shuttle with that troglodyte Lawrence Summers, along with some waste designated for a developing country, blast them to the center of the sun, and make them useful for a change.

Sounds harsh? Consider this (thanks be to lesbianacademic on Bitch PhD for bringing it up). Here is Warren on comparing being gay to incest and pedophilia.

I reject this nonsensical suckupmanship that Obama is somehow the President of all Americans, so we should accept Warren's invitation. As aforementioned, why not invite David Duke? He's an American. Hating gays is still the last frontier of accepted bigotry in our society and it says much about anyone who views putting a man of such low character as Rick Warren on his podium, seeing it as a chance to gain support or reduce criticism from this section of our society. If 25% of the country were neo-Nazis, would we put them up there, too? At what point do we say enough is enough?


dhallstrom said...

Go Rick Warren, Amen.

TA said...

And may the goddesses reanimate Claudius and Diocletian in your nearest church.