Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Self-Victimization of a Bigot: Rick Warren

Apparently, Pastor Rick Warren does not like it when people call him out for being the dirtbag that he is.

Well, Rick, actually, I do have a life, and unlike yours mine includes paying taxes, and believe me pastor my job contributes more to the GDP and the future of this country than your imaginary skyfest ever could. And Rick, speaking of "being rude," you should take a page from yourself, seeing how you think that so many of my friends and colleagues are comparable to child rapists for merely being gay.

You want to know how rude that is, Rick? You responded to the criticism of bloggers this morning by removing all of your hate-filled views about gays and lesbians from the front of your home page (switching it to a more obscure section of your church's site). You whine about us and yet respond to it because even you, pastor, know deep down how utterly despicable your beliefs are, but hey if that it is what it takes to reel in otherwise gullible and stupid people into your tax exempt museum of make believe, who is to judge? I am sure even a fellow B.S. artist like L. Ron Hubbard would agree with you on that. Sincerely, Rick, from the bottom of my heart, may your marriage experience the evil that your friends in Cali are meting out on those whose only sin was not falling in love with a member of the opposite sex. You deserve nothing less, you dishonest hypocrite.

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