Friday, January 16, 2009

Every Kid A Trophy

I always wondered why I hated this recent phenomenon of giving every kid in little league a trophy. Thanks to Joan Walsh, now I know why.

And oh how terrible it was. Here is the outgoing President at this last press conference whining about how hard it is to be a loser. Notice around the 6:20 mark of part one, where he finally, by his own admission, pronounces a reporter's name correctly. It only took eight years.

And here he is congratulating himself in his little farewell address, while our economy and empire lay in ruins.

Thanks, Mr. President. You have done a wonderful job. You have "liberated" countries that we are still occupying (one of them under false pretenses that you manufactured, costing the lives of untold thousands), gave us a $10 trillion national debt, economic emasculation, destruction of working class jobs that did not necessitate three technical degrees, etc. Thanks to you, enough white people of America were able to wake up long enough to help elect a black liberal with the middle name of Hussein as President of the US. Congratulations. From the rest of us whose country you ran into the ground, good riddance.

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