Thursday, January 1, 2009

Republicans and Race

For those who think I am being hyperbolic when describing the Republican Party's racism, well, this little set of past Republicans are for you.

Here is Jesse Helms's famous "white hands" ad, attacking affirmative action by blaming white job loss on blacks.

Yet one more reason not to mourn the death of Jesse Helms.

Here is the infamous Harold Ford ad from a couple of years ago, portraying him as a sexual animal out to bed white women (i.e., playing into the greatest fear of white Southerners and the leading cause of lynching in the post-Civil War South).

And last but not least the granddaddy of them all, the Willie Horton ad. Of course, Horton is black. That is the point in showing his face. Bush Sr.'s campaign ad forgot to mention that the furlough program was actually enacted under a previous governor (and a Republican at that). Oh, well. This is why they lost 95% of the black community's vote.

The consequence of this Southern strategy and race baiting, of which these ads are but one result, is having a party filled with people like this.

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