Friday, March 13, 2009

Moron Report #31: The Two-Faced Hypocrisy of Rep. Pete Olson

One of the oddities about conservative Republicans who work for the federal government, while they think the average person does not deserve unemployment benefits, they certainly have no problem living off our tax dollars for themselves. Enter Representative Pete Olson. You may have never heard of this first term protege of Tom DeLay because even political scientists have a life. Apparently, Pete is having some difficulties, but low and behold we the taxpayer will be subsidizing his little heart to make sure he can live another day to tell us to get our own health care coverage.

Congressman recovering from heart scare
Posted: 03:41 PM ET


WASHINGTON (CNN) – Rep. Pete Olson was “rushed” from Capitol Hill to the hospital Thursday, and doctors “equipped” him with a “dual chamber pacemaker,” the Texas Republican wrote in an e-mail to political supporters.

“While working out in the House gym, I got quite dizzy and fainted,” Olson said in the note sent Friday by his campaign committee. “After being rushed to George Washington University Hospital, it was determined that I had a condition called bradycardia, which is medical talk for a slow heart beat. Whatever they call it, it wasn't good and I don't recommend it.”

Olson added, “The docs have now equipped me with a dual chamber pacemaker to ensure my ticker doesn't pull such a stunt again. I feel fine and was ready to get back to work yesterday afternoon, but cooler heads have instructed I rest a little more.”

A cardiologist at George Washington University Hospital said that the “procedure went smoothly with no complications.”

“This is a common, often asymptomatic, condition and we expect the Congressman to resume his active lifestyle,” said Allen Solomon, cardiologist at the George Washington University Hospital and professor of Medicine.

The congressman is expected to return to work next week, the hospital said in the statement.

Also notice, Ron Paul, the hero of white gated community 20-somethings everywhere, accepts earmarks and pork barrel spending for his own district and uses federal dollars for his health care needs, while stating that any form of national health care coverage for the rest of us is a one-way ticket down the path of Communism.

If I knew enough people were reading this, I would propose a de-fund the right campaign, calling for the banishment of all government-sponsored health care for any member of Congress who opposes it for us. After all, Pete can go to an HMO. I am certain his preexisting condition will be treated with the utmost care and consideration from his sponsors in the private sector. After all, Pete, you were the fellow who opined, "I am opposed to universal health care. It doesn't work," but I suppose now you are wrong. It is working for you and at our expense.

And if Pete cannot find anyone to help him, we will just say the same to him as Rick Santelli does to the people losing their homes. Welcome to my hall of shame, Pete. I only wish the blood of those thousands of our fellow citizens who will die this year without what you are taking advantage for yourself, while opposing it for the rest of us, could be put on you, but I guess we will just have to wait to see if my tax dollars can keep you around for another term.

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