Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Modest Proposal: Joe Wilson's Pre-Existing Condition

In light of the insurance industry's recent campaign of murder and rejection on wheelchair-bound policyholders, in between fat 4-month olds and skinny 2-year olds, it has come to light that an elected government health care recipient, who opposes it for everyone else, has a pre-existing condition. A member of his household, assuming he actually lives with his wife and not someone else (as is custom for so many Congressional Republicans anymore), has the swine flu. As you know, there is now a declared state of emergency because of H1N1 (a much nicer way of sucking up to the pork lobby by clinically renaming their deadly pandemic).

Before you whine that I am being overly cruel to this wretch of a soul, after all his spouse might actually care about him, consider that this is the same Joe Wilson who sees nothing wrong with representing the interests of the same companies who tell women it is a pre-existing condition to be raped. Yes, raped. Mr. Wilson shows no outrage, anger, expressions of any kind on this matter, except when denouncing the distribution of health care to people who do not look or pretend to pray like himself.

So, if all of these other seemingly elementary aspects and crimes of life are now pre-existing conditions, why not the disease central that is someone's house, which is tainted by something which will necessitate the kind of medical attention that will cost the same insurance companies who are looking to cut corners on rape victims and 2-year olds? It would seem only fair to force the government employees most opposed to universal health care, which they use for themselves, to have to live by the same laws of the jungle they claim is an act of freedom. Far from being offended, Mr. Wilson should be honored to entrust his life and that of his family to the same invisible hand of the cult of the market that says people with life-threatening medical conditions should die.

If and when Congressman Wilson's coming rejection from his sponsors transpires, we can tell him the same thing Senator Coburn said that the uninsured should do as an alternative to socialized medicine: Just ask your neighbor for help.

Who knows, Mr. Wilson, maybe by some accident of Baal your neighbor will be a doctor who likes to work for free. And even if they are like the other 99.5% of the population who is not, they might be nice enough to call the EMTs for you, so you can get your own ride to a hospital visiting room, and wait for the tallied bill you will be responsible for paying yourself. And if it does not work out, we can say, thank you for your support of the free enterprise system, Mr. Wilson. Your sacrifice of your income, family, and possibly your life is much appreciated by the stockholders of the companies you represent.

After due consideration, I must say no, even I cannot support such a market-enhancing proposal. You see, Rep. Wilson, I have more compassion for your and your family than you do for those 50 million who you think should just ask their neighbors for help with paying their $150,000 hospital bill. That is the difference between you and I. I still see you as a human being.

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