Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rape as a Contractual Right: The Republican Way

It is poignant how so many conservatives throw a wingnut over Roman Polanski, as we all should, and yet make excuses for crimes like this. Here is a defense contract company that allows its employees to rape a female co-worker, lock her in a container to prevent her from saying anything, confiscate and lose her rape kit that an Army doctor gathered after she was able to escape, all on the dole of the American taxpayer, and the majority of our oppressed white male Senate Republicans vote to let it continue, least the federal government rears its ugly head and does something communistic, like interfere with 'private contracts' that do such things as tell its employees they cannot sue if they are raped by fellow employees. Yes, that darn liberal-socialist-Islamic-terrorist-Kenyanist new world order getting in the way of a 'private contract' between a government money-sucking company and rape victim employee. If only we just let the market decide.

Without further ado, the party of family values.

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