Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adios, Lou

It is a sad day for anti-Mexican whites everywhere in America. They have lost the voice of their very own Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs has a long history of antagonism to Mexican immigrants. Lou always likes to say he only dislikes illegal immigration, not immigrants, but he constantly confuses the two and never actually takes the time to praise any immigrants in this country. His supporters have no illusion about whose side he is on.

The real problem for Lou, though, was the slippage in ratings, the one unpardonable sin for any opinion maestro in a for-profit business. Poor Lou will now have to reduce himself to being a made private dancer for dollars at Fox (where he will have a difficult time out-crazying the likes of Glenn Beck), or relegate himself to throwing flames on radio. If he stays on radio, he is going to have some tough competition. It is not every day that people advocate using toxic waste to kill immigrants on their radio shows like Neal Boortz. Or advocate killing off 100 million Muslims, like Michael Savage. Best wishes for you, Lou. May that out-of-work carpenter you worship strike your heart and turn you into an illegal immigrant struggling to get by, only to be deported by people who think like you do.

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