Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was going to write a long, condemnatory response to the Limbaugh-Robertson racial hatefest after the disaster in Haiti, but I am to the point that I no longer care about Rush and Pat, as people or sadly as fellow citizens. The world will always have bigots.

And I do not normally like to give money to charity, but prefer the personal contribution of my time. For most of us living in the US, that is not a real option for Haiti.

On the off chance anyone is reading this, here is Direct Relief International (DRI) for Haiti Relief. Please, by all means, give. Each dollar given to DRI buys between $21 and $37 in medical supplies specifically requested by in-country doctors.

I cannot even fathom what folks in Port-au-Prince are going through at this point. I have thought about it not infrequently over the years, in between the scandals, coups, and rigged elections in Haiti (and stories from a friend of mine who grew up in the capital city), but then something like this takes place that compounds and magnifies it a hundredfold. One can only hope against hope that the worst is over.

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