Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ballad of Joe Stack

So, a 50-something white male in Texas chucks his plane into an IRS building, and surprise, surprise, according to the grand wizards of, he took orders from the left. And why? Well, because his manifesto denounced, amongst others (including the late Senator Pat Moynihan, accountants, and tax money-taking businesses) the "cronies" of ex-President George Bush.

Yes, because when we are not supporting Islamic terrorism, we are brainwashing old white men to blow up that icon of right-wing individualists everywhere, the IRS. If only he had shot up the Holocaust memorial then, well, no, according to Glenn Beck that would be our fault too, since we are apparently Nazis now.

In between being a Communist, Muslim, Nazi, leftist plane-wrecker extraordinaire, I have little to no time for feasting on aborted fetuses and embryos anymore, never mind the ritualistic sodomy. If only conservatives were able to attend some of our Illuminati orgies, surely, they would convert to satanis...I mean progressivism (oh, Glenn, you almost caught me!). But on a more serious note, a man has died, and he left this earth in a terrible and violent manner, leaving behind a wife and daughter he deserted in a burning house that he set aflame. Not that anyone seems to care.

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