Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Whinefest

From the sight of the upper 1% income tax bracket and their fetus worshiping opiates today, you would think our republic had ended. It is depressing to cover some of the nonsense I have had the misfortune of reading on the message boards, especially Yahoo's (always a repository for some of the most toxic elements of our culture). "People who cannot afford healthcare deserve to die.....RIP United States of America, 1776-2010....I hate f*gs, socialists and welfare n*ggers," and those are just some of the more printable responses to the vote last night. My more conservative friends in social networking sites have responded in a tamer and educated manner, and yet are filled with the same spirit of hatred for the very society that fed and supported them (to which none complained when they were getting government healthcare as military personnel or when Uncle Sam began paying their way through college [nowhere specifically mentioned in our Constitution as a federal government responsibility]). When I asked one of them if they would be writing a check for all of the services they have been using at my expense over the years, including the roads, I received no response.

And where were these Republicans when their party and president pushed through a Wall Street bailout in the fall of 2008, allotting over $700 billion of our money as taxpayers to banks and companies who pauperized our economy? No one showed up at those hearings or speeches with guns, placards threatening political violence, and none of them said a word about the executives of these failed companies contractually receiving multi-billion dollar bonuses, but if a bill that amounts to a taxpayer subsidy for insurance companies gets passed all of the sudden this is the Soviet Union?

What I really want to know is how can a country filled with this many stupid people function? Is this what watching Fox 'news' does to someone's brain or were they always like this? I do not see any of the teabaggers and their colleagues refusing to go the Post Office. I never see Rick Perry or his more openly racist comrades in the Tenth Amendment crowd refusing to spend federal notes (printed and valuated at my expense), even though our Constitution only gives the federal government the right to "coin" currency (not print it). If these people are going to be such constitutional and political fundamentalists, in the same way they claim to be religious fundamentalists, when are they going to practice what they preach and refuse to be a part of the society they no longer believe in? Say what you will about tax resisters, but at least they are consistent.

For these "angry" right-wingers, I say, OK, let us give you the alternative of opting out. Forget states' rights. Let us tell them that you will pay no taxes, but in return receive no benefits of our society. That means no police, no fire protection, no road cleanup or construction in front of their residence, no allowance for them or their children to go to any public schools or universities, and absolutely no unemployment checks, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or healthcare that is directly or indirectly provided with taxpayer's money. After all, if it is their individual responsibility (and no one else), let us give them the right to withdraw from civilization, with the understanding that they will receive no protections from the state--meaning, no subsidies (no military benefits, no military at all), no enforcement protection from discrimination or any other law that protects them from capricious corporations or malefactors, and no public libraries. Most importantly, since there is no expressed allowance for federal notes in our Constitution (again, using the methodology of their beliefs), they are not allowed to spend paper or electronic money (they can only use coins, as our Constitution expressly states).

And if you are a corporation (since conservatives believe corporations should be treated as legal humans and have more rights than the average citizen), and opt of our tax code and healthcare, likewise, you lose the ability to legally incorporate, which means you will receive no liability protections from the state. For that matter, you will also lose the right to sue under the Uniform Commercial Code, since contracts enforcement (again, nowhere mentioned expressly in our Constitution) depends on the government to adjudicate. And those companies will not be allowed to deal in currency other than coins, as well (since the laissez faire philosophy dictates literal interpretation for the artificial humans, as well).

All of those remunerations of society will only be for those who choose to pay taxes. It has to be all or nothing because if a government subsidy for insurance companies (without universality and without a public option or single payer) is now deemed to be socialism, then Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, military benefits, and public education can only be regarded (by their standards) as Stalinistic. If it is all about freedom then they should have no problem living the principles they claim to swear by, so when this young Republican gets sick some day and needs care we can show him his own soulless sentiments below and give him directions to the nearest hospice room (such is his belief in saving on the cost of human life [for those already born, naturally, never the beloved fetuses]).

Of course, seeing how this is the same crowd who chimes that they want to "get the government out of Medicare," I somehow doubt that they will be signing on. Welfare only matters when it is someone who looks and votes like them and gives it to them, which is why not a single one of these people violently responded to the Medicare Reorganization Act of 2003 (expanding government in the healthcare industry by over $400 billion in the coming years).

And to any conservative who actually reads this and makes it this far, note, I am opponent of the legislation that was passed this weekend. The difference is I do not care about your freedom to let everyone else starve. And I do not live the chimera that a bill written for corporations is 'socialist,' when the very real suffering caused by our private system will not be adequately remedied--the kind of suffering you think is a waste of time to consider, least you had to pay the bills for the society whose benefits you bellyachingly accrue. Surely, if your dead carpenter were alive today, this is how he would treat people.

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