Friday, May 28, 2010

The Death of MTV

Whenever I think of why I do not watch regular/cable t.v. anymore, and why I prefer Netflix and Hulu, and read all of my news (or only watch it online), I think of the descent of MTV and the rise of the infested evil that is 'fake' reality.

I am not even sure if they have music videos on MTV anymore. My guess is they do not. Hey, kids, this is what they were like when they had music.

Granted, much of this music was bad, but at least it was not The Hills or Real World.

Thus it is my growing appreciation for what Senator Thomas Gore (grandfather to author Gore Vidal) meant when he stated, "If there was any race other than the human race, I'd go join it."

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JM said...

Indeed, I'm 22 and Beavis and butthead scared the hell out of me when I was younger, but I'd much rather have them back then the stupid The Hills show. At least there's dvds, but why haven't they got Liquid television out yet?