Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She's Gone

By now, most everyone has heard about what happened to Washington DC reporter Helen Thomas. Yes, she was forced to 'retire' on the threat of being fired, not for angering the president or asking uncomfortable questions, which she has done for over five decades, but for saying things like this.

On the one hand, it seems obscene to me to obsess over an otherwise powerless reporter's hateful words, while Israel continues to blockade Gaza, and after its actions led to the deaths of nine people, including an American citizen (granted, a Muslim, so of no value to the average Republican). How many thousands of people have died because of the blockade of the Gaza, as punishment for electing people the Israelis and Americans do not like, in elections that the Israelis and Americans engineered and insisted on? Compare that to the number of people killed by Helen Thomas, who as far as I can tell has never harmed anyone, except their feelings.

The same Obama administration that refuses to denounce Israel's deadly flotilla assault, in which Israeli commandos answered the fists of the flotilla's defenders with guns and lied about it (first claiming they had firearms and then that they were all al-Qaeda and/or Hamas members). That murderous assault is just Israel protecting itself, according to our esteemed vice president. But if Helen Thomas says something awful, well, naturally, that is something we must all come together and denounce.

Why is there not any room for the view that slaughtering and cordoning people off like trapped slaves is wrong, alongside someone who says something hateful about the oppressors' background in that situation? Better yet, why can we not prioritize as to which is more wrong than the other? We all know the answer, of course. Israel is our ally, more important than even our own national self-interests or even an ally like Turkey, and plus the Israelis are murdering people sympathetic to Palestinians and Arabs, which if you bother to listen to the average radio talk show in this country deductively falls somewhere between misguidedness and being in league with Satan. These are the same people who would prefer to give Orly Taitz the nod to be a representative of one of our major parties for Secretary of State of our largest state (a woman whose idea of good old fashioned values is to question the citizenship legitimacy of anyone with a skin tone darker than hers).

The same racialist mentality that has turned whites since 2008 into ethnically conscious bigots trying to preserve the racial order (the real driver of our domestic politics this past year), and numerical majority through immigration law, is the type of mindset that calls candidates 'ragheads' and Palestinians 'pond scum,' and no doubt informs their religious millennialism on Israel. This is the real evil of our body politic, a hundred times worse than Helen Thomas. Ironically, it is the same politics that turned Germany into what it became in the 1930s, but of course no one ever thinks to comment on that. But Helen Thomas is apparently anti-Semitic, so that's worse than calling entire peoples (granted, non-white) ragheads, pond scum, wetbacks, and terrorists.

It goes without saying what the chances are of anyone in the offices of the American Enterprise Institute of denouncing that.

And today is the 43rd anniversary of the Israeli massacre of our sailors on the USS Liberty. Not that the folks at Fox News will care to take note. They seem to be more worried about a mosque being built near ground zero in NYC. Here is our oversized flag from the USS Liberty that was filled with hundreds of bullets holes (in some cases from ranges as close as a hundred yards [meaning our flag was fully visible to the attackers]).

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