Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old Spice Guy and the Horned Tenant

It is not everyday you get to see the Old Spice guy and Mel Gibson together, even if it is spliced and put on YouTube, but by gum here it is.

BTW, I think the last time I wore Old Spice, I scared an ex-girlfriend off for a week. She said I smelled like Irish Spring when I wore that stuff (and no, I do not use Irish Spring, either), so it is nice to see that Old Spice has decided to try to appeal to an audience younger than my grandparents who last bought me Old Spice.

Act II: I was going to put this guy in a separate moron report, but I felt that had I done so I would be insulting the memory of the two brothers who were intimately horned in the running of the bulls.

Jesse Thornhill, Tulsa man with horns in head, released from jail after trying to run down landlord

BY Nick Klopsis

Landlords, beware: If you mess with a bullish tenant, you could get gored.

A man with cosmetic horns implanted into his head was released from jail Thursday morning after allegedly attempting to attack his landlord with a car.

Police had responded to a disturbance call in Tulsa Wednesday morning, where the landlord told an officer that she and Thornhill had an "altercation" that overflowed into the street.

The police report, posted on, goes on to note, "While in the street, Jesse attempted to strike her with his vehicle." However, the landlord successfully played the role of matador by jumping out of the way in time.

Thornhill's body modifications are noted in the "personal oddities" section of the report as "horns, neck tattoos, implant earrings on head."

The 28-year-old Thornhill was released from the Tulsa County Jail after posting $10,000 bond. He is facing a felony charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The saddest part is going to be sight of this poor fellow in the big house, or when he gets out and tries to get a job. I know I should not, but I feel kind of sorry for him.

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