Friday, September 24, 2010

Forget Masturbation....

...that's right, evil cretins.  You know who you are, you sexually active Americans.  Christine O'Donnell is not only a Republican candidate for the US Senate.  She's also a small town girl, living in a lonely world as a woman in her 30s (back in 2003) and, most importantly for the rest of us sinning types, chaste.  And why not make us suffer the same fate?  After all, according to the teabagger express, government should not be involved in anything, except when making us carry rape babies to term and not having sex or carnal thoughts and/or acts of self-love.  Yes, this is what the framers of our Constitution wanted.

For a person who has such hangups about sex, she certainly seems to enjoy talking about it, a lot. Admittedly, I enjoyed posting the video, if only because it gives me comedy relief. Apparently, when I was reading Das Kapital in my undergrad days, I forgot about the appropriate time and use for government action, like preventing people from having sex.  Check.

If only I had a less active sex life, especially in my undergrad years, I would have turned out alright, just like Ms. O'Donnnell--that is, if by alright you mean a "chaste" hypocrite who tells us that we should not be doing what she spent much of her college years partaking in.  Great candidate you picked there, tea party folk.

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