Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Nice

I periodically receive correspondence from my tens of readers.  I must admit, my readers seem extremely intelligent and write some interesting emails that I enjoy reading.   And for those of you whom I semi-regularly converse with, I can never thank you enough for the input.  

When it comes to constructive criticism, one of the more common themes is my negative/doom-and-gloom attitude about culture and politics. Certainly, when it comes to this site and my worldview in general I tend to have what some would call a glass-half-empty-and-getting-emptier-all-of-the-time perspective.  It is probably a product of my cynicism, distaste for the devolution of my civilization and species, and because so many of those Rousseauian dreams of my youth have been crushed time after time.  

It is not easy to be an artist in the sciences and go through law and grad school and retain a positive outlook on life.  And I constantly warn my students against this because I do not want them to end up the same way that I am today.  It is a life of disappointment and lowered expectations.  You should have the most idealistic thoughts, and only become depressed and misanthropic on your own terms, not mine.

To that ends I want to administer a polite recognition to the one and only attention magnet, Lady Gaga.  Yes, she is a horrific excuse for a singer, and yes she is probably doing this to garner more fame by claiming to care about others (when she never seemed to care before becoming "famous" from her antics).  All of that is true and does not matter because she is at least right, about this issue.

That is more than you can say for the self-hatred and destruction caused to others by the likes of George Rekers.

On another note, Sarah Palin sprouted horns, wings, and a pitchfork to announce her refudiated presence in Iowa.

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