Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Like Us, Not

Yes, she is just like the rest of us, if by the rest of us you mean out of your mind.

I do agree that none of us are perfect, though.  You see, my imperfections include things like drinking a little too much in my early adult years, maybe reading too many books and getting lost in my studies and taking a job several hundred miles away (to the detriment of my relationships).  Admittedly, those are bad things, minus the reading and studying, and I freely admit I hung out with my share of stoners in high school.

What I did not do was take as my life's lesson from those imperfections the notion that everyone who does not look or believe the way I do is some mortal enemy bound for hell.  I did not go through my undergrad years by sleeping with countless partners, only to get out of it that no one else should have the privilege to do what I did, least they imperil a soul you only cared about after the fact.  My imperfections do not include lying through my teeth about my life to everyone I know, claiming that I studied at a university, when you only attended a conference there or never step foot on the place, raising money from other gullible types and using other people's funds (without their consent) to pay my rent and utilities.  I do not violate my values and most cherished beliefs by having others bail me out of a terrible financial decision (like buying a house you could not afford) and then rectifying it by sleeping myself into a relationship with a 'campaign manager'-counsel and convincing that person to purchase the home from under me (to avoid foreclosure and get that person to sell back the house at a later date for a nominal fee).  Oh, yes, and if I did do those things, which I would not, I would never pretend to negatively judge anyone else for having "lust in their hearts," since I am pretty sure that dating or having a boy/girlfriend at some point involves some kind of lustful thought (and if it does not, you need to ask yourself why you are dating someone that you are not attracted to).

I also do not go through life with the view that if you are raped and impregnated by your attacker, the make-pretend boss in the sky that you believe in compels you to force that victim to carry the rape-child to term.  I do not call myself "pro-life," when the only life I seem to care about are those who are pre-born, not the living, breathing, real people on this earth who go without the basic necessities in a society filled with those underwriting your campaign to make sure the aforementioned injustices stay that way.

Most importantly, I do not use my imperfections as a crutch to say I am just like everyone else because, first, no two peoples' imperfections are the same, not all people draw the same lessons from them (hence, Christine O'Donnell), and I would never think of committing maleficence that may bring about a criminal investigation and obfuscate it is a mere blemish in a sea of godly chastity.  These are not imperfections.  They are collections of character flaws that speak to a much larger issue and problem in the Republican Senate candidate of Delaware--the inability to live an honest life.

Then again, I am not a religiously intolerant nutjob, either, so maybe I should not judge her, least I be judged (I heard some carpenter  a couple of thousand years ago a half world away opined something to that affect).  Maybe the backers of O'Donnell, those of a more judgmental nature, need to test her to make sure that she is not a witch (i.e., more normal than them).  Luckily, dear O'Donnell voters, there is a tried and true method of finding out for sure.

You have to admit, she did weigh as much as a duck.

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