Thursday, October 28, 2010

Normalizing Torture: Of Muslims and Girlfriends

Waterboarding was not just a preferred means for de Torquemada to obtain your confession back in the day.  Neither is it just another torture technique to denounce when Republicans do it (but ignore when Democrats permit other countries to mete out this form of brutality).  And it is not just for Muslims anymore, either.  Yes, we have now graduated to outsourcing torture to jealous boyfriends, who have apparently become adept to using it on their unsuspecting girlfriends.

Waterboarding Girlfriend
Suspect had accused victim of “spending time with another guy”

OCTOBER 28--After accusing his girlfriend of cheating on him, a Nebraska man allegedly tied the woman to a couch in their apartment and waterboarded her, according to police.

Trevor Case, 22, has been charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats in connection with the bizarre incident early Saturday morning at the Lincoln home he shared with the 22-year-old victim.

Police allege that Case stuffed "hospital socks" into Danielle Stallworth's mouth and bound her wrists with belts and hair ties before placing a shirt over her head and dousing it with water, according to a Lincoln Police Department report. “He poured a pitcher of water on her head, and she started freaking out and thought she wasn’t able to breathe,” according to a court filing.

The waterboarding practice, of course, leaves victims with the sensation that they are drowning.

"As she was trying to get up, she clawed Case on his chest," cops reported. When the couple's young daughter awoke, "Case stated that he would help her get untied." When questioned by police, Case admitted arguing with Stallworth, but denied tying her up. An officer noted observing "injuries on Stallworth's wrist, arm and thighs."

Case, pictured in the above mug shot, is being held on $150,000 bond at the Lancaster County jail.


Hey, Trevor, did you ever think that maybe you are the reason she started spending time with another guy?  It is kind of hard to really hold a grudge against those girlfriends who go slicing on these types of fellows.

Of course, the irony in all of this is that the people who employed the same torture technique on some of our less well-liked Muslims will not have to worry about going to where Mr. Case will be spending the next several years of his adult life (surely, a woman beater will be a very popular person in the big house).  No, our state-sanctioned torturers have little to worry about at all because our hope and change President (yes, the person I voted for and am stuck in the position of holding my nose and voting for him again to prevent Sarah Palin from having her finger on the nukes) is protecting our torturers from prosecution.  Even better, for the neo-cons who do not have to worry about getting themselves traded for a couple of cartons of smokes, our President (the man who on the campaign trail declared that we need to protect the rule of law and whistle blowers who reveal abuse in the system) is invoking the state secrets law to protect those Bush era (and his own) criminals who violated the law and tortured people.

It is significant that to this day we do not know how many times the CIA tortured Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Nashiri (90, maybe a hundred times) because the agency violated the court order and destroyed them.  By federal law, the agents responsible for those tapes and the hiding and destruction of those tapes should be liable for criminal prosecution.  Of course, nothing of the kind happened at all.

The moral of the story.  If you are a lumpen who wants to torture people, apply for a job at the CIA.  Then you too can waterboard to your heart's desire, girlfriends and Muslims be damned.

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