Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ron Paul & WikiLeaks

I am no libertarian or an admirer of the politics of Ron Paul.  He thinks the Confederacy was right, that slavery and segregation could have been resolved by market forces, and that unions should not be allowed to legally exist.  Not surprisingly, Ron Paul supporters tend to be young white cads from middle-to-upper income homes, not infrequently from gated communities, and mirrors (from those I have encountered over the years) the near cultish blindness one would see in a religion.

All of the aforementioned notwithstanding, Ron Paul is also the only Republican in the House or Senate who is not bought and sold.  Love or hate him, you will always know his views on just about every issue, regardless of the assuaging powers of any lobbyist.  There are few Democrats, for that matter, who pass that muster in Congress.  Dennis Kucinich is one.  Russ Feingold is another.  Maybe Bernie Sanders on a good day.  That is it.  Out of 535 members of Congress, there are less than a half dozen who are not repositories for campaign sponsors.

Few issues have upset me more about President Barack Obama than his hypocrisy and cowardice on whistleblowers (well, next to purposely dynamiting, I mean 'compromising' away, the public option and previous opposition to tax cuts for the upper 1% income tax bracket).  Here is candidate Obama on the importance of protecting civil liberties back in 2008.

I am many things (carnivore, evil doer, pinko prof), but I am  no blind supporter of Barack Obama.  When I voted for him back in 2008, I fully expected then candidate Obama to sellout on the economy, taxes, and even health care.  However, there were very few issues in which candidate Obama was more vociferous about than his opposition to the authoritarian national security policies of George Bush.  It is one of the reasons why I voted for him, even knowing he would betray progressives on most everything else.  Well, low and behold, our most esteemed spine-averse President found time to even betray us on that.

Is it any wonder why Bill Clinton is such a supporter of Obama's cave-in to Republicans on tax cuts?  There is nothing a sufferer of Stockholm Syndrome for the American Enterprise Institute loves more than a fellow philistine.

Enter Ron Paul.  Here is his recent speech before the House floor on WikiLeaks.  Notice, he is (at this point) the only member of the US Congress that I know of who has the guts to come out and say these things.

That is exactly the kind of speech and position our President promised to have, but has (like on everything else) stabbed us in the back on. And that is exactly the position the person who wrote our First Amendment would have, if he were alive today. It speaks volumes that Ron Paul is one of the few members of our elected body who has the gumption to call this hysteria for what it is. For that, kudos to you, Rep. Paul. You are on the side of right and Barack Obama, sadly, on the side of those (like Sarah Palin and the rest of the Republican Party establishment) who want to turn this country into a monitor hall, replete with assassination lists, cataloged phone calls, warrantless searches, rationalized torture, and suspension of habeas corpus. If only Rep. Paul had the same love for the common laborer of this country, but at least when it comes to speech he is a vast improvement over the current occupant of the West Wing.

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