Friday, January 21, 2011

Moron Report #45: Like Cocaine, Like Ashes

I am not a connoisseur of cocaine.  Yes, I am from the '80s.  Yes, I remember Miami Vice.  Yes, I actually knew people who tried coke, but there is just something about snorting a drug that does not appeal to me--with apologies to the nostrils of Hollywood.  That said, from what little I do know of cocaine, and of peoples' ashes, I just assumed that the average joe or jane (even the sobriety-challenged) could tell the difference between cocaine and human ashes--namely, cocaine tends to be white and ashes a grayish color and usually inside of an urn.  Of course, I would be wrong, at least for these five teenagers.  Apparently, the urn did not trick them, and to show it they snorted someone's dead husband and dogs.


Teen Thieves Snorted Cremated Remains

Crooks mistook ashes of man, dogs for coke

JANUARY 19--Mistaking the cremated remains of a man and two dogs for powdered drugs, a quintet of teenage burglars snorted the ashes after a break-in last month at a Florida residence, according to police.

That startling disclosure is contained in a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report, a copy of which you’ll find here. The January 18 report memorializes information received from a source--who appears to be one of the arrestees--who told deputies that the ashes “had been taken because the suspects mistook it for either cocaine or heroin.”
Investigators learned from the source, whose name was redacted from the report, that the teen suspects “had snorted the ashes believing they were snorting cocaine.” At some point, however, the alleged burglars determined that the powdered substances were not drugs, but that they had stolen “the remains from the dogs and the victims father.”
This realization apparently came after news reports about the December 15 burglary of Holli Tencza’s home mentioned that intruders took her father’s ashes from a closet, while the remains of her two Great Danes were removed from a shelf in her bedroom. A sheriff’s report on the burglary listed electronics and jewelry taken during the theft, and noted that, “Also taken from her bedroom were her father’s ashes and those of her two dogs.”
The sheriff’s source reported that there was a “possibility” that the purloined ashes were in the attic of Waldo Soroa, 19, one of the suspects charged with the burglary. The source added that the thieves “wanted to return them to the owner but were discouraged” by a man “because of fingerprints.” A sheriff's spokesman said today that detectives are still searching for the ashes.
Along with Soroa (who is pictured in the above mug shot), cops arrested Jose Diaz Marrero, 19; Matrix Andaluz, 18; and two 17-year-olds on an assortment of criminal charges.

For all of those American commentators and pundits expressing outrage over the Chinese ownership of our debt, in light of President Hu Jintao's visit to the US this week, you should not be so angry.  Indeed, you should be cheering them on.  Can you honestly say a country populated with fools like this should be determining the lives of people from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teabagging for Terrorism

I remember a conversation I had with a colleague last year, at the height of the violent response of the white right to immigration and the health care debate (a local African American Congressman in my state had his office vandalized with a swastika), and about the endgame of this new political 'movement' against perceived big government.  I stated bluntly, "Most likely, a magazine clip in one hand and a Bible in the other."  I was criticized for making such a harsh statement, but I had little doubts.  This was going to be a replay of the mid-90s, from the same groups, and with the same results, an assassination (attempt) and act(s) of terrorism.  This country has a long history of right-wing terrorism, from Timothy McVeigh, John Wilkes Booth, to our militias and the Ku Klux Klan.  I have read on more than one occasion about how until recent times, and probably still the case in many rural white communities, the third Monday of every January being referred to as 'James Earl Ray Day.'  Indeed, this racist sentiment has a Facebook page, with an all-white right fan base (including members who "like" groups wishing death to President Obama [what a surprise]).  That is the mentality of the Republican base, whether we like to face it or not.  These are the not same people who were Republicans 50 years ago.  They are the descendants of those who thought allowing black people to vote or be free was the embodiment of Marxist thought and unacceptable to them, their frame of mind, or their made up skygod.

Why should it surprise us when these folk, obsessed with race, guns, and their hatred of all things outside of their background and worldview, take it upon themselves to kill or create the environment for others to do it for them?  I cannot recall the last time a leftist, not even an ex-Marxist-turned-libertarian, ever wrecked a plane into an IRS building.  I cannot recall the last time a violent anarchist decided to ambush and murder police officers because of a manufactured outrage over the thought of a Democratic President taking their guns.  Or how about an ideologue shooting up a  church and killing people, thinking that "Communists" from the Unitarian church were responsible for him losing his job?  Or how about the white supremacist who thought it a cute idea to attack the Holocaust museum in DC, targeting and killing a black security guard?  Or how about our favorite Christian militia group in Michigan, the Hutaree (whatever in Juno's name that means), acting on the belief that Obama is the 'anti-Christ', conspired to murder a police officer, and then go to the cop's funeral to massacre more officers, along with the family of the cop they were going to kill? Those are all attacks committed by right-wing terrorists in this country in just the last two years.  Say what you will about the American left, but this is not our forte.  Maybe we just do not possess the same masochistic love for guns and violence that the right does (and why so many of our leaders are killed off by them).

And if you look at political assassinations in the US, the vast majority of them are on the left (from Lincoln to Martin Luther King).  True, an anarchist offed William McKinley, but that is about the last time we heard from them until the Unabomber (and even his terrorism never targeted political figures).  And the Black Panthers never survived the assassination squads from the FBI and the Chicago Police Department (ironic, seeing how such similar tactics are never used on the other side when it arms itself).  I guess Timothy McVeigh can be thankful for his white skin after all.  Had he been black, lived in Oakland in the late '60s, and talked the way he did about law enforcement after the Waco siege, he might well have met an earlier demise.

But no, it is all a fluke, they will say.  How terrible of us to bring this up at such a sensitive time.  Well, it was a sensitive time last fall, and this is how they responded to the existence of Congresswoman Giffords.

Think of those images the next time a teabagger tells you that he or she has no understanding what the politicization of violence is about.

I suppose you should give credit where it is due, however.  If you are ever wondering what the most far-out Republican voter thinks, just go to the Yahoo message boards.  Here are some of their lovely posts, from a story about the parents of the shooter.

"You blame Sarah Palin because she is a hunter?? But not the gangbangers who Rob, Rape, Shoot, Murder at will!! Typical liberal hypocrisy! Civil Rights comes in skin tones huh??"--Brian Ticzkus

"I guess she was held accountable for her actions, To bad the people in power forget who puts them there. The people of this country did not want health care, so they shoved down our throats, they didn't even read it. Nice bunch"--Willie

"White people are still the best and the smartest,"--BATMAN

"Now that she has been shot she is of course a Saint. Nevermind she voted for Obama Care, Amnesty, and all the other liberal, socialists, and progressive agendas. Yes, what happened was/is sad, but Americans are being pushed into a corner due to their representatives and president ignoring their will, and forcing what they feel we need on us. When people have no choice, are told what to like, and have no legitimate redress to their grievances, this is what happens."--Demon Child

"I hope Dems feel good about pushing their health care bill down our throats and causing this."--Maryellen

"HEY LIBS Just think of this incident as 6 late term abortions and you will sleep good tonight!!"--Stink Finger

"it's unbelieveable that, the koolaid drinkers, want to blame this ignorant happening on the Conservative Republicans. this was done by the socialist,commies, to try to use this as a ploy to take guns from law abiding Taxpaying Citizens.. ain't gonna happen, there are too many of us. we will ruin your day, and,, break your momma's heart."--evil truncheon

So, whenever you read a Free Republic poster, appealing for people to stop blaming them for their violent rhetoric, just remember what the real right thinks (the ones who don't get movie and book deals, and outnumber all of the anchors that populate the conservative media outlets of this country).  They are, if nothing else, honest about what they really think.

The ultimate paradox, and the strangest, is that Rep. Giffords is a centrist Blue Dog Democrat.  She was very critical of a single payer health care plan, supported greater border patrol on the Mexico-Arizona border, and even opposed gun control, but that was not enough, apparently.  She was critical of Arizona's law targeting Latinos last year, and she voted for a health care bill that summated to a subsidy for a private insurance plan.  In a normal setting, we would never dream of calling this socialism, but in the US, where about 50% of whites live in fear of blacks and Mexicans taking over and expropriating their wealth and impregnating all of their white children, naturally, anything to the left of Ayn Rand is socialist, and that is the environment that helped create what happened this last Saturday.  And the right understands that perfectly well, which is why they are so defensive about it.