Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Republican/Teabagger Way: Hating Teachers and Workers

Only in the twisted world of a used repository for billionaires, millionaires, and large multinational corporations would you hear one of these servants whine about privileged economic elites.  What kind of economic elites are they worried about?  You know, those big salaried teachers, janitors, and snow truck operators, pulling in their lavish $30-40,000/year salaries, most all of them with health care coverage!  Those rich Communists.

Indiana's governor calls public unions 'elites'
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has called public unions "the privileged elite" during a speech in Ohio.

Daniels' state faces a political standoff over issues including labor legislation. He told a crowd at a county GOP dinner in Cincinnati Wednesday night that public jobs and salaries went up while private jobs were lost and that private sector salaries have shrunk.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Daniels said there might have been a time when government employees needed protection and reform, but that was a long time ago.

Public employee rights are a hot issue in Ohio, with a bill proposing to restrict collective bargaining for state workers.

Considered a potential 2012 presidential contender, Daniels stressed he wasn't making a stump speech. His comments about public employee unions got strong applause.

Yes, these are the forces bankrupting us.  Not the $150-plus million of tax cuts that Gov. Daniels gave corporations (through property tax caps), or his advocacy of tax cuts for millionaires (all the more laughable considering that Daniels is a multimillionaire, ex-corporate executive, and graduate of Princeton University, spending his formative youth dodging the Vietnam War and smoking weed [earning him an arrest record for his efforts, while attending that non-elite school disguised as an Ivy League college]).  Of course, those are not privileged types at all.  Those are just average, everyday rich people, doing the Lord's work.  Or, if we are talking about the federal government, how about the $100 billion of tax cuts given to corporations by our president in his stimulus package?  Or how about the $700 billion bailout of our banks and insurance companies, including the multi-billion dollar bonuses they gave themselves (with the support of our Congress and presidential advisors on the grounds that the contract is an inviolable thing, which can never be violated)?

Funny how these servants, like Governors Walker and Daniels, never seem to care about the holiness of the contract when it comes to someone making $32,000 a year to teach your kids.  Surely, those teachers were involved, somehow, in the speculative boom and bust that caused the collapse of our real estate market (the real instigators and culprits who remain some of Governor Daniels' biggest campaign contributors).  I am sure those teachers were responsible for wasting over a trillion dollars of our tax monies (all pure deficit spending) to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq (something Daniels should know all about, seeing how he was at the OMB at the time and estimated that the wars would cost less than $100 billion [fiscal crimes only apply to state workers, apparently]).  Surely, these overpaid elites living off our money, doing such nefarious things like teaching our children how to read and write, were responsible for Bear Sterns and AIG, not to mention Tyco and Enron (or the crimes of Eli Lilly during Mitch's time as an executive there).  Obviously.  This is why they (the workers) are elites, and billionaires and millionaires and fetuses the only legitimate citizens of this republic, according to the party of elephants.

If only we had seen this coming, we could have stopped these all-powerful workers from running up a $14 trillion national debt.  I mean, they must have votes in Congress, right?  I mean, these unions are privileged elites, just like Louis XVI and George III.

Well, at least the GOP took the day off from blaming the swine flu on Muslims and Mexicans, but do not wait for them.  I am sure tomorrow another hated and bashed minority of the hour will become newly enshrined elites, to be taken down by the knee scrapes for the upper 1% income tax bracket.

And to the members of the Wisconsin State State Police, chasing down the people who gave you a union to accrue the very benefits you would take from another fellow worker, this one is for you, you union-busting finks.

Oh, and Governor Daniels, on the off chance your toking habits have not eliminated your memory to read to this point, please tell, do you consider privileged elites those children of the Hilton fortune, inheriting all of their family's wealth without so much as a worry of any tax on estates? I think we already know the answer to that one.  

So, dear teachers, be aware.  You are the new scourge of humanity to the right-wing of this country.  This is what the repositories think of you and every last worker (and have since they took up arms to keep many of you in slavery and the rest working 72 hours a week without benefits).

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