Saturday, March 9, 2013

John Brennan: Bill of Rights Not Necessary

As of today, our most criminal government agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, which has toppled countless democratic states throughout the world on the orders of our POTUS, can finally lay claim to a new fact of life.  It is now led by the equivalent of a serial killer.


John Brennan Sword in on Constitution Without a Bill of Rights
by Elspeth Reeve

New CIA director John Brennan was sworn into office Friday on the original draft of the Constitution — as in, the one drafted in 1787, four years before it included the Bill of Rights. It is a symbolic thing, but the White House got the symbolism wrong. Brennan has been criticized for being involved in, or at least aware of, various CIA policies that trouble civil libertarians. Brennan said he knew of, but did nothing to stop, the torture of war-on-terror detainess under the Bush administration. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul filibustered Brennan's nomination on Wednesday and into Thursday, demanding the Obama administration say whether it believed it had the power to use a drone to kill and American citizen not engaged in combat on American soil. (Attorney General Eric Holder said the answer was no.)
As Marcy Wheeler notes, what's funny about this is that the White House thought it was getting the symbolism right. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Brennan requested the 1787 copy of the Constitution from the National Archives to show the U.S. is a nation of laws, according to Yahoo. Earnest explained, "Director Brennan told the president that he made the request to the archives because he wanted to reaffirm his commitment to the rule of law as he took the oath of office as director of the CIA."

There is no irony in this picture.  It is the representation of Brennan's values and increasingly the values of the two parties of our government.  To those in power, particularly in the military, law enforcement, and the intelligence community, the Bill of Rights is at best an inconvenience, at worst a threat to the contractors, sponsors, and campaign donors representing these industries. 

Doubt me?  Look up Brennan's career.  He started out his days in the CIA as our man and representative in the Middle East, no doubt overseeing our operations and support for the Afghan Mujahideen in the '80s, a time when people like Brennan allied with the likes of Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden to fight those evil Commies in Kabul.  His next stop was as the threat assessment expert for Bill Clinton and eventually fraudulent document disseminator for George Bush, including the infamous Orange Terror Alert scandal, which was perpetrated in part to boost Bush's poll numbers.  As mentioned in the article, Brennan's value for the "rule of law" in our Constitution also included watching POW "detainees" being subjected to torture from the CIA, to which the brave new director reacted by doing absolutely nothing.  And most recently, Brennan has been one of the administration's lead architects of mass slaughter of innocent civilians through the use of military drones in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, including of American citizens, even American children who made the mistake of breathing while in the proximity of an accused American terrorist our government never formally charged, prosecuted, or recognized due process rights to--you know, that part of the Constitution Mr. Brennan forgot when he was sworn in.  

All of this information is part of the public domain.  And President Obama's response?  That it did not matter because he wanted Brennan anyway.

And for those progressives who continue to make excuses for Obama's record on civil liberties, remember, it took an anti-civil rights Republican just to get him to concede that he would not kill an American non-combatant on American soil.  Of course, if you are considered a "combatant" in the war on terror, well, I think we all know what is coming next to a theater of operations on American soil near you.

That is John Brennan's idea of killing "combatant terrorists" in a "hot war" and "battle zone."

And in case any liberal vs. conservative partisan wants to delude him or herself that their party would never do such a thing, this destruction of our Constitutional liberties is being done in collusion with the leadership of both parties.  The shared criminality has never looked so horrifying.

I suppose in the future, we will just re-title all crime suspects terrorists, so we can save taxpayer's time and money and just blow them up.  I am sure there will be no shortage of supporters for that tactic in the hinterland of our fine republic.  A sad day, indeed.

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