Monday, July 21, 2014

The Gaza: Our Crime, Our Complicity

I could sit here and write a thesis on how the U.S. needs to put a halt to The Gaza offensive by our so-called ally, Israel, and pull all aid (especially military) to the IDF.  I could sit here and write about how we as Americans need to finally get over our collective racial hatred towards Arabs and Palestinians, and recognize that calling for their murder is absolutely no different than the mentality of those in the hills of Afghanistan thirteen years ago who advocated our death.  I could sit here and type, over and over, as I have so many times over the years on this blog, and try to appeal to people's conscience about how what is happening in Israel and its territories are war crimes.  I could do that, but I have no illusions at this point.  

To most Americans, they do not care.  Palestinians, as a predominantly Muslim group, are not fully human to most of us.  They are less than people, and as such when they are murdered their lives mean little to nothing.  That is a harsh reality, but deep down most progressives in the U.S. know it to be true.  Even the so-called progressive members of Congress, including potential presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, cannot get enough of Israel's offensive.  And to the right-wing of this country, like Israel, racial mass murder has never sounded so sweet.

So, to the Nancy Pelosis and John Boehners (actually, almost 100% of our Congress and the White House), if you want to support Israel, please, stop the charades about 'terrorism.'  This is what you really support (all of these subsequent pictures are from the current invasion of The Gaza by Israel).

Here are some pictures you will not see on Fox 'news' or much of any so-called mainstream American media outlet:

I am sure when Mark Levin goes to bed tonight, if he sees those pictures, it will give him something to masturbate to, while thinking about the satisfaction of seeing dead Palestinian babies and children.  If he has to rationalize it, he'll pretend they're all human shields or closeted members of Hamas (and as such deserving death, along with all Palestinians, I mean members of Hamas).  After all, to think anything less makes you a Nazi.  Notice the strange irony of an open racist and advocate of genocide using the same race-baiting and anti-Semitic tactics of the groups he claims to be completely opposed to (least anyone who is Jewish not use his/her 'real' last name!).  

Sadly, Levin's racism and bigotry is not isolated.  Here was what started out as an anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv a few days ago.  Go to minute marker 1 in the video, to see the right-wing racist counter-demonstration, calling for the elimination of leftists and all Arabs.  Sweet bunch.

There are even right-wing politicians in Israel openly calling for the extermination of Palestinians.

I know war brings out the worst in people, but this is beyond horrific.  If anyone wonders why I am almost always an anti-war person in my own inclinations (even though I am not a pacifist), it is the behavior of Israel in the Occupied Territories (and my own government in supporting Israel's crimes).

'Ah, but dear pinko blogger, what about those Hamas rockets?'  I challenge a single U.S. supporter of Israel's conduct to tell me what you would do if we were invaded, had half of our country taken from us (on account of another group's crime), and the other half used as a dumping ground by the occupying force for the excess refugees, with a cantonized population, no resources, no state, and periodic invasions and massacres.  Tell me how you would react.  I would personally hope that I would still be the person I am today, and oppose war even in those circumstances, but I understand the desire to resist being attacked.  

No one in the U.S., not a single person (including Mark Levin), would ever put up with being treated like this, and many of those same conservative supporters for Israel would be the most violent fanatics (like Hamas [itself a religious nationalist organization]) in opposing such conduct (and reacting with force), if it was done to us.  I am not saying it is the right thing for them to do (ultimately, it is self-defeating), but I would be lying to myself to pretend that humans will forever put up with being treated like subjects to be massacred (and have the occupier's politicians openly call for the occupied's physical extermination), and then expect a peaceful result.  It will never happen, in The Gaza, the Warsaw ghetto, or the antebellum South.  It is a part of our nature as humans that when you oppress people, they react to what you are doing to them.

But this is not just Israel's crime.  It is our crime, as Americans.  We elect politicians in both parties who universally support Israel's conduct, give Israel over $3 billion a year in military aid, basically arming the IDF and enabling its behavior in The Gaza.  And we as a government (an elected one at that) continue to flack for Israel in the United Nations Security Council and make sure that under no circumstances our erstwhile ally is ever held accountable for its behavior.  Without support and sponsorship of the U.S. government, I doubt seriously that Israel would be in The Gaza right now, and it is highly likely that the occupation would have ended many decades ago.  That makes us as citizens of this sponsor state complicit in the crime.  We have a responsibility, for those of us who are not crazed bigots with genocidal/exterminationist tendencies, to criticize this arrangement, along with the Israeli government.  We need to scream it aloud until that government changes its policies, or at the very least rest knowing we did not stay silent in this complicity.  We owe that much to ourselves and,  yes (dare the thought), to those Palestinians being massacred.

And to those who think I am overstating this, particularly those Americans more worried about whether or not Justin Bieber is going to get deported, or what Kim Kardashian likes to wear, this is what you as citizens of this terrorist state have condoned by omission or open support.  Imagine those being your children or loved ones (if you ever could).  If you want to really get depressed, just go down to the comments and read what some of those white American 'freedom lovers' are writing about this incident.  Truly educational in light of their fetishism for fetuses and rape babies (unless they are Palestinians, of course).

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