Comments Posting Policy

I periodically receive comments from my tens of readers. For those who take the time to read and comment, I thank you. I will sometimes respond, other times maybe not, depending on my mood and life circumstances. I did not want to have a policy for commenting, but I have sometimes been forced to deal with spammers, so to post a comment it must be met with prior approval.

My only requirements are that your comments cannot be anonymous, cannot be spam or an advertisement of any kind, and should hopefully relate to the post in some way. In spite of my ideological rough edges, I do not care if you agree with me, and I will never refuse to post something simply because I disagree with the perspective of the poster. It would seem close to half, if not the majority, of comment posters are of another view on what I write anyway. So long as you are thoughtful, I do not mind. Otherwise, off with your head.